Why CYT?

  1. We beleive in creating trips where attention is paid to the group and their needs. Hence personalised guided trips are made and a tour leader from CYT shall always accompany the group along with the Trek leader/Kayak instructors and their support staff.

  2. The crew members of CYT are heavily proffessional and certified in their respective fields. Our high altitude trek leaders are certified in Advance Mountaineering, Search & Rescue and Wilderness First-Aid, and our kayaking team have gone through the whitewater rescue technician course in Nepal. Each hideaway has been exclusively hand-picked to make sure only those properties which have the capability to deliver quality of service, comfort and tranquillity are featured on our website.

  3. The management of CYT is thouroughly familiar with the importance of quailty in any industry and we believe it is imperative to give the best quailty of service to you. We have kept an open segment on the home page for you to give us feedback & suggestions, so as to better ourselves.

  4. We promote eco-tourism and adventure tourism, keeping in mind the ecosytem and its sensitivity, so your thrills are conducted with minimal footprints left behind.

  5. We have the best refund policy (for treks) in the industry.
    10 days before the commencement of the trek - 100% money return
    5-9 days before the commemcement of the trek - 50 % money return
    0-4 days - a bit too late for any return